It’s amazing that when a group of photographers get together to shoot the same scene you will get many different compositions, and interpretations. Each of us sees the scene in our own way, and will capture it accordingly.

The same holds true for us as an individual photographer/artist. We will work hard to capture the subject in many ways. Different angles, different light, tight, loose, any and all compositions that our mind can conceive are what we use to tell our story. It’s that searching for the right message that drives us to do this.

If you don’t already approach your subjects this way, give it a try. Use your imagination. Don’t be tempted to just accept your first capture. Stretch yourself, reach deep inside, you will definitely grow from this approach.

I will ask you to review the two images above. One is loose and cool. One is tighter and warmer. Tell me which you prefer and why. I know what my preference is, but won’t reveal that just yet so as not to sway your thoughts.

I appreciate your time and thoughts here and thank you for visiting the blog. I’m looking forward to some interesting comments below. Till my next post, take care, and of course, be creative.