leaf duotone

Finding inspiration for new images can sometimes be a difficult task. At other times the images flow freely from our mind. For those times when we are faced with a creative block of sorts, we can draw on different methods to kick start our creativity.

The 500 foot challenge is one of the methods that can apply to photographers, sketch artists, painters, and other mediums to give us that little boot in the butt.

The challenge is a simple one. Create your best image without going farther than 500 feet from the door of your home. You can make it as easy or as involved as you wish.

I would encourage you however to try and stretch yourself a bit. Don’t just settle for a snapshot. Study time of day for different light, look at different angles for composition. Don’t stress yourself out. Make it fun. Feel free to add more suggestions for others in the comments below.

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Enjoy the challenge, whether you’re in a creative block or not. Who knows what you’ll come up with. Till next time, take care and be creative.


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