Springtime Blossoms…Another view!


AAhhh, springtime. A time for new blooms. Beautiful, soft delicate flowers that offer themselves up for great photo opportunities. So, wait a minute. What’s up with this image of dried, beyond prime Wisteria pods?

This is the point of this post. How many photographers will look beyond those buds, and blooms, to see what arguably could be another great image. How many will take the time to study an object that is not commonly seen as a beautiful, inspiring subject.

I certainly don’t mean to imply that the image above is beautiful, or inspiring, but it certainly has a fascinating feel to it, in my opinion. We’ve all seen these pods, but have you ever looked really close at the textures, and colors in them?

So, I’m not just speaking of these pods. It’s the idea of slowing down and finding something not normally seen, and interpreting that in a way that might cause someone to stop for a moment to reflect on it. I’ll encourage you to stretch yourself a bit. You won’t always get something that stands out above others, but I can almost guarantee that you will grow in your photographic vision.

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Take care and be Creative


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3 thoughts on “Springtime Blossoms…Another view!

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      1. Thank you, I will be looking forward to your next post, I was just reading your tips and tricks. I do have a tripod that moves after I let go of the camera. I will be looking into the geared head.

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