A Fresh Start!


Just as this Dahlia blossom would signify a fresh start, a new season, or a new beginning, I find myself in a similar situation with my photography blog. Let me explain.

A while back I had some nasty bots invade my photo blog, which was known as DWPhotoworks. The situation got to the point where I made the decision to just shut it down. I had enjoyed the interactions with other bloggers, so I eventually set up a new blog, this one, titled Pixels and Visions. The sad part is that I lost a couple hundred followers that I was unable to retrieve. I did manage to salvage a few of the old posts to get this one started. It sat for quite a while with little interaction.

Lately social media, Facebook in particular, has become an exercise in futility for me. I do not post new images frequently enough to keep my presence at a high level. The algorithms just aren’t set up for my frequency of posts.  The blog is also a place where I can share more info on the images and discuss techniques, processes, or random thoughts on what I’m doing. This is where this post and plea come in to play.

I would be thrilled for folks to take a moment and visit my home page and look over, and possibly read some of my past posts. If you like, or are intrigued by, my thoughts I’d love to have you follow the blog and join in the fun.

Thanks to each of you for reading this far. I’d truly love to build this up to what it once was. The fact is that I also learn just as much from you, as you interact with my posts.

Here’s looking to a fresh start and lots of new friends and interactions. You may also learn bit more about my style and work by visiting my web galleries at the link below.


As I’ve always said, take care and be creative

Thank you!


Visit my YouTube channel  Here

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