Well, I’m certainly not going to attempt to deny it. There are quite a few folks that have described my work as minimal, or minimalist. To me that’s certainly not a bad thing, and I’ll wear the moniker happily.


Truth be told I never set out to be a minimalist, or any other category of artist. I just went about creating my vision and sharing it. I have my share of minimal compositions as well as more complex creations.

“A Brilliant Idea”

I do have to confess though, that minimal compositions do have a certain appeal to me. It certainly isn’t because they are easier to do. They take as much thought and effort as any landscape or still life I’ve ever put together.

“Good Morning”

Using empty, or dead space in an image is more than just leaving it blank. It must contribute to the overall image. There must be a reason for it. Many times it serves as a balance to the composition. Sometimes it makes a statement of emptiness, loneliness. or isolation. In all cases there is a reason for it. The image must have balance.

“Coastal Guardian”

As you can see here, it works just as well with scenic or landscape images. In this case, creative processing has contributed to the minimal look of the scene.

“Spring Blossoms”

In nature images, you may need to get creative in your approach to the subject. Maneuvering yourself to get an angle which will eliminate any excess, unnecessary elements in the frame, may be the key to grabbing that keeper image.

“The Kiss”

Working with set-ups in the studio allows for much more control of the image, but can be just as difficult. It all starts with a concept. I generally have an idea of where I want to go, and the look that I’m after. In an image like the one above, lighting is just as critical as the elements within the composition. I find it very enjoyable working to create these shots.


I very seldom try to push a message in my images. If I do, it’s usually lighthearted and can be taken with very little seriousness. The image above is about as political as I get with my art.


This final image is about as minimal as it gets. Minimal elements, minimal light, minimal message. This is one of my favorites. I just like the feel of the image. You, of course may feel quite differently, and that’s just fine. So if folks want to call me a minimalist, that’s just fine with me. At least I’ve made them take notice.. I will continue to create many styles of images, but deep inside yep, I’m a minimalist.

Thanks so much for reading this far. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and possibly learned something. Even more important is that you create your images in your style with your message, and your vision.

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