Some Thoughts On presentation…

When I’ve given talks to photo clubs, or photo workshops, I have invariably gotten to the point where I will discuss presentation of your finished images. It’s no secret that in today’s world far too many artists have their images sentenced to a life in cyber world. They sit hidden on hard drives and are only shared online through Facebook, Instagram and such.

This practice bothers me to no end. You’ve worked so hard to create the image and then it’s basically hidden from the masses. In this post I’d like to try and motivate some to get those images in print, in one form or another.


The two images in this post are an experiment I’ve done in creating a sort of Japanese wall hanging look. I’ve printed my images on a traditional Japanese Washi paper. I then added the upper and lower bars, plus the hanging cord. It’s a neat looking affect. and I’ve done several of these. The choice of image is important to the look. The Japanese text is my name. At least that’s what the font claims. Sample packs of the paper used here is from Moab and can be found in the states at B&H photo. It’s listed as Moenkopi Unriyu.


The important message here is that we get our images out, to be seen. In today’s world there are so many choices to present your image. In paper there’s glossy, lustre, matte, metallic and more. I print many of my images on canvas, which works really well for many photo art pieces. How about metal prints. I’ve seen many that just really pop off the surface with incredible detail. Lately face mounted acrylic has become quite popular, and I’ve seen some stunning results.

This post barely scratches the surface of the possibilities. What I want to encourage is that you choose maybe one or two of your favorite images and get them printed and mounted for display. Maybe get them in a show here or there. Let the world enjoy your vision. Maybe they will only reside on the wall of your home, but won’t it be great to visit that piece that you put your heart into on a daily basis?

The one point to remember is that the presentation is equally important to your art creation. You must put as much thought and planning into how it is presented as you did in creating and processing your art.

I’ll get off my soapbox now and just hope that more folks see the importance of keeping those images alive and visible to all besides the cyber world.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stop by again. As I always end my visit, I’ll encourage you to take care and be creative


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  1. I am just starting to do this. I have printed a couple photos for my cabin and family. It is even more enjoyable to see them as wall art instead of only on the computer. Wonderful post David.


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