Revisiting an old friend…


I recently had a very good day. I happened across an old box that contained some old negatives that I thought had been lost forever. There weren’t many, but a few were some of my favorites from those old film days.

I carefully scanned a few of those and began to think about the changes that we’ve gone through in photography. The tools and techniques have changed quite a bit. Why not take a bit of artistic license and create a new interpretation of the images that had presented themselves to me.

As I looked at the cormorant shot I couldn’t help but be impressed with the light falling on his wings as he sunned himself. I wanted to make that light the star of the image, and worked toward that end. I carefully replaced the light blue sky of the original shot so that nothing would detract from that lovely light on the bird. I didn’t feel I needed to do anything else.

I’m quite happy with the results. Your thoughts may be different and I’d love to hear them. I’ve never been afraid to revisit an old file with with new skills or tools that I’ve picked up over time. My style and interpretation is constantly changing.

I guess the lesson I’d like to share today is that I hope you’re never afraid to revisit and rethink an old image. Making a new statement can be fun, uplifting, and sometimes quite rewarding. You may just surprise yourself.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit. Always be creative


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5 thoughts on “Revisiting an old friend…

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  1. Beautiful photo, what a nice find. I like going through the old photos also. As I keep learning new techniques, I see an old photo like you said. And am inspired to do something with it. I have never seen this bird up close. Love the dark background.


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