“The Kiss”

Well, here’s a bonus post for this week. I recently entered this image into a gallery exhibit and it was accepted. Needless to say I am quite proud. So let me talk for just a moment about the image.

The image itself was quite difficult to capture. The Cala Lily was quite shy. It was quite a bit of work to get it to pose with the Rose. After a huge amount of counseling we were able to get the Cala to relax enough to get the pose that I desired. The rose, being a rose, was quite eager to show the love and affection needed for the capture.

On a more cerebral note, you might say that the image kind of reflects the way I’d like to see the world. Despite being so different, we can all show love to one another. We are more alike than different.

Except for the previous paragraph, this image is intended to just be a fun, brings a smile to your face, image. I hope it’s done that for you. I don’t have any deep, inspirational message or lesson to share today. Just enjoy the image and have a great day.