Are Strange Forces At Work Here?….


I had begun work on this image a while back. The original concept was to create an image using minimal photography files. I would create the majority of the image using only digital techniques in Photoshop and other software. The resulting image, seen above, used only the photograph of the bottle itself, and a rose image file. The rest of the image is purely digital effects. The title of the image would be “Captured”.

This is where it gets a little weird. I had printed and framed the image for a gallery show locally. To help promote the show, and the image, I posted it on social media. I began to receive comments about how well it fit in with what we are experiencing in the world today. The isolation of that bottle and rose seems to almost scream out social distancing. The shaft of light could easily represent the hope for the future. The rose inside the bottle can represent the feeling of being trapped by the self quarantine that many people are facing.

There was no virus scare when I put this together. So where did all this feeling of isolation come from? I surely don’t have that answer, but will easily say that I’ve come up with a very strong statement on our current world. What guided that, I’ll never know.

I may change the name of the image. I may title it “Spring 2020”, I’d love to hear any other suggestions. Thanks for reading this and do please take care.


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2 thoughts on “Are Strange Forces At Work Here?….

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  1. very beautiful. Spring 2020 is a perfect name and resembles what is going on and what is to come for to me. The only answer is being drawn to the Light. Great photo .


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