Making Lemonade…..


Well, we’re all dealing with some difficult times. This virus pandemic has really caused us to rethink our daily rituals and how we go about our lives. Each of us will deal with it in our own way, and I hope you are keeping positive, taking care of yourselves, and staying well.

With my style of photography being mostly studio still life images, I’m not at as much of a disadvantage as some others. Being cooped up at home though does affect your mental mindset and can get you in a bit of a funk. To deal with that, and to keep myself at least a bit motivated, I’ve begun to experiment with some different lighting techniques.

I have a friend who does some fantastic painting with light images out in the field. His images are striking and have a totally different and unique look to them. I’ve begun to experiment with that technique here in the studio.

The image in this post was captured in a dark room and was lit using only a small LED flashlight with a homemade snoot for better control. It was a challenge but fun and rewarding. At the same time I’ve grown in some new skills. Therefore I feel I’ve made lemonade. You’ll probably be seeing some more of this type image from me.

How about you? Have you ever tried shooting a small still life setup at home? It’s not as scary or involved as you think. I have another friend who does some fantastic food photography shots at home using mainly the light from a nearby window along with some reflectors. On occasion she will use a bit of fill light from a reflector or flash. Her work is outstanding.

I’d sure encourage you to stretch yourself a bit and try some home shooting. That challenge would go out whether you are isolating yourself or not. If you are a bit confined, the experiment may lead to a new skill or favored style. All I can offer is a chance to take those lemons and make yourself some lemonade.

Till next time take care and stay well


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