Adventures in Isolation….


Good morning on this Monday. It is day ????? of isolation, and social distancing, for most of us. How are you all coping? I’ve mentioned in past posts how I’m using this time for some experimentation in lighting techniques in my small studio.

A couple years back I was involved in a project with a friend, and really good photographer, Tom Holding. During that project I was fortunate to watch him use a light painting technique that he had developed into a finely tuned exercise in capture. From that time on I had always wondered if I could adapt his technique into my studio efforts. Of course the steps and tools would have to be scaled to a much smaller subject and composition.

These past couple weeks I have been experimenting and the attached image is where I currently stand. I must say that I’m tickled with the results so far. Your opinion may vary, and that’s OK. I’ve long known that this style and subject matter will limit my audience and customer base quite a bit. I will say that no matter what your preferences are, I’m pleased to share it with you.

So, at this point I’ll ask, how are you using this time of limited activity. Are you, or can you, spare some time to help yourself grow? If you are a landscape, or portrait photographer I don’t expect you to go setting up a studio and doing images such as this.

I will ask this though. Are you spending any time online watching videos on processing, or image concepts to maybe open your mind to a new or different approach? Have you read any printed material that may cause you to think about your approach, or maybe even opened your eyes to a different style altogether? These are just a few thoughts on passing some time during these tough times. Don’t let yourself stagnate. Push yourself to spend the time, and I would almost bet that you’ll come out the other side of this stronger, and more skilled. Even though it has been forced on us, this time can be a really unexpected gift.

Thanks for reading. I hope I’ve stirred some interest or sparked a desire to use this forced down time as an opportunity to grow. I know I have, and I feel great. Please feel free to share this post.

Take care and be creative


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You can view Tom Holdings’ work Here

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