Not A Still Life Post…


Those that have followed my posts will know that during this isolation period I have been spending much time in my studio working on new still life images. I have been experimenting with new lighting techniques and attempting to grow my skills a bit. While these still life’s have long been the major part of my portfolio, I also create in some other styles of photography. While still life is obviously my favorite, be it floral or other subjects, I’d like to spend the next few posts sharing some of my favorite landscape images and other subject matter


I have an old camera body that I had converted to infrared by LifePixel a few years back. I like to pull that body out in the summer months when scenes are full of lush greens and blue skies. The look created by the infrared is almost ethereal in some ways. The newer conversions allow for the retention of some color in the image, but I have always like the pure black and white of the image.


The images shared here are all from my local area here in southern New Jersey. I had long been fascinated by our wetlands areas and have tried to preserve some of the scenes that we are quickly losing to time, weather, and human expansion. I will share some of those scenes that we have lost in the next few posts.


I certainly hope you enjoy these images and the different look of the infra red. Many folks who are not familiar with the south Jersey area may be surprised that we have such open and wonderful spaces to capture. I’ve been inspired to create this post by the writing and images of Sandra at Into the Light Adventures who shares her wanderings and thoughts in a delightful way.

So I’ll be stepping away from the still life posts for just a brief moment to share some of my other loves. It will be great to be able to freely visit some of these locations once again when things calm down a bit. I hope you’ll bear with me and hopefully enjoy some of my other efforts. Thanks for reading and I’d love for you to follow, if you are inclined. Be safe, be happy, and above all, be creative.


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  1. As I’m new to following your blog, I can’t tell you how delighted I am to find pictures of a region of the east coast that is near and dear to my heart. For my entire life, we’ve traveled to Cape May to enjoy a week at the beach in the summer. As I looked at the first and last picture, I could almost smell the distinctive odor of the wetlands. That smell told us as kids we were getting close to our destination. I greatly appreciate seeing the familiar scene from a different perspective.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Beth. Just like you, I can vividly remember as a child smelling the aroma of the salt marsh and knowing we were getting close to our destination. I’m so glad I could stir those memories for you. I’m glad to have you aboard and hope you enjoy my posts down the road.

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  2. Just beautiful Dave, I am excited to see your photos of landscapes and the great outdoors. I have never been out your way, but I know I will be enjoying the view from your eyes.


  3. The infrared makes a gorgeous image! It certainly helps to have summer’s lushness and a skilled photographer. Sometime I’d like to see a side-by-side of black and white next to infrared. Yeah, I’m asking you to lug two cameras around.


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