Which is your favorite photograph?


Photographers have been asked this question a million times, “Which is your favorite photograph? I’ve been asked that question many times also. Like a lot of others, I have often answered “The next one”. That’s probably true to a certain extent, but it’s also a cop out in a few ways. In truth, how could we be expected to choose one, or even two, images. It would be like saying which is your favorite child.

So how should I respond to that question. In my portfolio there are certain images that I am a bit more proud of. There are images that have done well for me at art fairs and sold well. There are also images that have sold well that I am not particularly fond of. It truly is a difficult question to answer.

The image in this post is an old one for me. The base image was captured in 2009. I used to practice shooting birds in flight at a nearby national wildlife refuge. When I became involved with digital techniques, I quite naturally started working to develop a certain artistic look and feel to my images. To this day I strive to present an artistic vision in my images no matter what the subject, style or interpretation. It’s just something that I enjoy immensely.

The tern image here was shot in a high key style and was quite pleasing, but lacked a certain impact. In my mind, I could see this tern skimming the surface of a bay or open water, being free and having few if any cares for that moment. In my digital darkroom I managed to add the water below the bird and a hint of a reflection shadow. It’s simple, it’s minimal and I am quite pleased with the result. It is a color image, but because of the birds coloring and the color of the added water the only hint of color shows in his beak.

So in answer to the question, maybe it’s those images that come closest to what I saw in my mind. The ones where the end result is closest to that vision that I had tried to achieve. In this case a minimal, pleasing, and maybe a bit artistic image. Are they my favorites? Maybe just the most successful in my mind.

I’m sure that each of you will have images of your own that stand out in your mind. Maybe they can be called favorites, if you’re like me, maybe they are just the more successful ones. My best to each of you whether you consider yourself a fine art photographer, an advanced hobbyist, or a complete newbie, I congratulate you on each of your successes and those images you are most proud of.

Take care and don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts


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