A Proud Moment For Me…..

Back in 2016 I wrote a post titled “Once Proud”. It talked about the loss of the glass industry in our area and the decaying plants left behind. In particular it spoke of the Wheaton Industries plant and attempts by friend, fellow photographer, and workshop leader, Tom Holding, of Thunderbolt Photographics and myself to gain access to record the decay and preserve the history of the plant. That post can be seen here.

In November of 2017 we were fortunate, and honored, to be granted access by the city to photograph inside the facility for three and a half days. The topping on this fortunate turn of events is that we were able to partner with Bill Horin of ArtC, who is a strong supporter of artists, and an award winning film maker. Bill proposed creating a video documentary of our project. Bill works hard to promote working artists in the Southern New Jersey area and has a wonderful website to promote them at Strobenj.org. The proposed documentary would cover the demise of the glass factory, the loss of jobs in the area, and the subsequent development and rise of our local arts district, which has brought commerce back into the area.

The completed documentary was previewed to a packed house in September of 2018 at the Levoy Theater in Millville and was also accompanied by a print exhibit of many of our images from the shoot at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts , the anchor for the local arts district. The documentary and exhibit were then shown at several other galleries and presentations throughout the region.

I am very proud to announce that the documentary video has recently been posted publicly and I can now post a link for you to view it. As fair warning, it runs a full 25 minutes and I hope that, at some point, you can manage to make time to view it. Everyone involved in the project is quite proud of the finished product. A very proud moment for me.

Shattered: Portrait of a Glass Factory

Take care and enjoy the show


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3 thoughts on “A Proud Moment For Me…..

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  1. Excellent documentary, inspiring from the entrepreneurial, business, and artistic aspects. Greatly appreciated the messages of be good leaders that encourage hard work not managers and “let the history guide the future.” What an honor it must be for you to have been part of this project.


  2. I’m glad you got in to do the photos. Your desire to photograph turned into this great documentary. Your work helped create yes for the history of your area. Good documentary.


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