Art and Isolation….

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last blogpost. It certainly has ben a difficult summer. Like many other artists, I have struggled to keep motivated and inspired. Most of the galleries in our area have been closed down due to the pandemic. A few have offered virtual exhibitions, which are nice, but not nearly as effective as an in person experience. It has been a struggle to keep creating.

Recently a gallery in my area sent out a call for art titled “In The Now” that asked for pieces that would represent our feelings and emotions in regards to the isolation and civil unrest that we are living through. I put together a piece titled simply “2020”.

I won’t go into a lengthy explanation of my feelings and inspiration for the piece. I would rather that you simply look at the piece for a few moments and reflect on your personal thoughts on what this year has been for you. This image could be a political statement for some, or just a representation of the struggle of being confined for some period of time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the image and possibly your method of coping. If you are also an artist, how are you coping? I hope you are fine. Maybe this post will provide a response or two that will help us all in dealing with this mess.

Take care and thanks for reading. It’s been nice to share once again


4 thoughts on “Art and Isolation….

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    1. Thank you Emilie for your time and thoughts. It would seem that this has been quite an intimidating and unsettling year for many folks. Hopefully we will all survive and flourish as we move on. Thanks again.


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