A Tentative Return

It’s been far too long since my last post, and I certainly don’t expect major reach with this return post. It’s certainly been a trying year for all of us. Along with the pandemic, I’ve been dealing with a case of identity theft. That’s my problem to deal with. The time in isolation has had me culling through old image files. I have found many files that I had forgotten. I also found one of my early slideshows that feature some of those old images. I’ll present that slideshow here and hope that everyone is doing as well as they can, and can enjoy a few moments of some photographic statements from yours truly.

Take care, be well, and be creative


In the studio with Dave Woeller – YouTube

2 thoughts on “A Tentative Return

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  1. I sat down to watch your slideshow with my eldest daughter, who at age 12 is drawn to finding the beautiful in this world with her little Sony Sure Shot Camera. My hope is that she would draw inspiration from your still life work. Based on the number of “Cools, Wows, and Oh’s” I heard her express I believe she gleaned much. Thank you for your return and for sharing one of your earlier slideshows.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments. They have certainly made my day. I admire the enthusiasm and technical skills of young folks. I am sure that your daughter will grow her skills and vision, and will soon be inspiring others with her images. Thanks again.

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