Speaking of Minimalism…..

Skeleton Leaf #7

Many of the folks who follow me, or are familiar with my work, are well aware of my fondness for minimalism in my images. Well, at least for the majority of those images, that is true. Those same folks are also aware of my fascination with skeleton leaves, and the opportunities that they offer for minimalistic compositions.

I’m not sure what it is that draws me to these subjects, or style, of photography. Without getting real deep in any kind of philosophical discussion, maybe it has to do with a lifestyle or some other underlying force. At any rate, I just admire the uncluttered look and feel of this combination of elements.

The image in this post should serve as an example of my desire to keep it simple. This image is #7 in my skeleton leaf series. I personally don’t feel it needs anything else in the composition to make it successful. You may agree or disagree, and that is just fine. It falls in line with my personal choices in my art and lifestyle.

My purpose in this post is to ask if you have a favored style of image. Is there a style that drives your art? Is it a subject, style, or message that sets your creative mind in motion? I don’t want to sound really deep or too philosophical. Maybe all this isolation, and separation has me thinking too much. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or at least cause you to pause for a moment and think about your choices in your art. I promise a much more lighthearted post next time around.

Till that next post, take care and be creative.


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3 thoughts on “Speaking of Minimalism…..

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  1. Dave, you certainly did give me cause to pause and think on your questions- what does set my creative mind in motion? I found myself considering your words on minimalism. In many ways minimalism does set my creative juices flowing or should I say words dancing in my head to be written. Yet for me, minimalism must come in the form of sound and time. An uncluttered schedule and sound devoid of human clutter (cars, lawn mowers, chain saws) and filled with natures’ noises (bird songs, the wind whispering through the trees and across the fields, the orchestra of insects & frogs). Only then does my art takes form as inspired by my love for the Lord and my beautiful black Labrador. As of late, I’ve been feeling inspired to write but frustrated by my inability to piece the words together. Thanks to your challenge, I can now pinpoint the issue- a cluttered schedule. Thank you!


  2. Love this image for its composition, negative space, simplicity and form. Skeleton leaves make a great subject. I framed a B&W skeleton leaf macro years ago for shows but it wasn’t nearly as masterful as this! I too like minimalism, and neat, uncluttered images … one of the things I like about your work.


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