What Is Your Inspiration?…

The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts is a wonderful gallery here in my hometown. They are the anchor to our local arts district and draw visitors from miles away. I am fortunate to have been accepted as an associate artist there. A recent call for art at the Riverfront is the basis for this... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On presentation…

When I've given talks to photo clubs, or photo workshops, I have invariably gotten to the point where I will discuss presentation of your finished images. It's no secret that in today's world far too many artists have their images sentenced to a life in cyber world. They sit hidden on hard drives and are... Continue Reading →

Take the 500 ft Challenge…..

Finding inspiration for new images can sometimes be a difficult task. At other times the images flow freely from our mind. For those times when we are faced with a creative block of sorts, we can draw on different methods to kick start our creativity. The 500 foot challenge is one of the methods that... Continue Reading →

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