A neat little Photoshop process

It's been a while since I've posted any processing tips and tricks. I shared some on Facebook, but many folks here don't get to see those.  I put together this video tutorial to show how I accomplish some ambient light beams. There are many ways to accomplish this so I'll just say that this is... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Isolation….

Good morning on this Monday. It is day ????? of isolation, and social distancing, for most of us. How are you all coping? I've mentioned in past posts how I'm using this time for some experimentation in lighting techniques in my small studio. A couple years back I was involved in a project with a... Continue Reading →

Making Lemonade…..

Well, we're all dealing with some difficult times. This virus pandemic has really caused us to rethink our daily rituals and how we go about our lives. Each of us will deal with it in our own way, and I hope you are keeping positive, taking care of yourselves, and staying well. With my style... Continue Reading →

Are Strange Forces At Work Here?….

I had begun work on this image a while back. The original concept was to create an image using minimal photography files. I would create the majority of the image using only digital techniques in Photoshop and other software. The resulting image, seen above, used only the photograph of the bottle itself, and a rose... Continue Reading →

The Kiss….

Well, here's a bonus post for this week. I recently entered this image into a gallery exhibit and it was accepted. Needless to say I am quite proud. So let me talk for just a moment about the image. The image itself was quite difficult to capture. The Cala Lily was quite shy. It was... Continue Reading →

The Photographic Humor Lives On…

So here I am in another week and once again falling back on one of my more lighthearted creations. In actuality this post also serves as an example of one of the topics I've covered in the past. I have often been asked, and often written about what is the inspiration for some of my... Continue Reading →

Let’s All Smile A Little…

More often than not we, as photographers, try our best to create that awe inspiring, beautiful image. You know, the one that will inspire, uplift, create immense emotional response from the viewer. We pour our heart and soul into the concept, capture, and processing of this image to insure it will be loved and admired... Continue Reading →

What’s Old Is New Again…

For those that know or follow me, you understand that I have never been afraid to revisit an old file. We learn new techniques and gain new skills which can be used to develop a new interpretation of that old file. Such is the case with this image. I've recently talked about some old negatives... Continue Reading →

Revisiting an old friend…

I recently had a very good day. I happened across an old box that contained some old negatives that I thought had been lost forever. There weren't many, but a few were some of my favorites from those old film days. I carefully scanned a few of those and began to think about the changes... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I just have to laugh!…

Stating publicly that you are "A Photographer" leaves you highly susceptible to a not so rare disease called Gear Lust. It's a malady that leaves you craving all the latest whiz-bang, does everything for you, equipment that is sure to raise your images to levels previously unknown to mankind. There does not seem to be... Continue Reading →

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