What Is Your Inspiration?…

The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts is a wonderful gallery here in my hometown. They are the anchor to our local arts district and draw visitors from miles away. I am fortunate to have been accepted as an associate artist there. A recent call for art at the Riverfront is the basis for this... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On presentation…

When I've given talks to photo clubs, or photo workshops, I have invariably gotten to the point where I will discuss presentation of your finished images. It's no secret that in today's world far too many artists have their images sentenced to a life in cyber world. They sit hidden on hard drives and are... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start!

Just as this Dahlia blossom would signify a fresh start, a new season, or a new beginning, I find myself in a similar situation with my photography blog. Let me explain. A while back I had some nasty bots invade my photo blog, which was known as DWPhotoworks. The situation got to the point where... Continue Reading →

Springtime Blossoms…Another view!

AAhhh, springtime. A time for new blooms. Beautiful, soft delicate flowers that offer themselves up for great photo opportunities. So, wait a minute. What's up with this image of dried, beyond prime Wisteria pods? This is the point of this post. How many photographers will look beyond those buds, and blooms, to see what arguably... Continue Reading →

Low Key Rose Exercise

I recently did a series of low key floral images, and it was great fun. Working out the lighting was a joy, much work, but a joy nonetheless. Most of the images were done with my trusty 50mm 1.8 STM lens. I had the thought for this tight shot of the rose in my mind,... Continue Reading →

Take the 500 ft Challenge…..

Finding inspiration for new images can sometimes be a difficult task. At other times the images flow freely from our mind. For those times when we are faced with a creative block of sorts, we can draw on different methods to kick start our creativity. The 500 foot challenge is one of the methods that... Continue Reading →

An Exercise in Composition

It's amazing that when a group of photographers get together to shoot the same scene you will get many different compositions, and interpretations. Each of us sees the scene in our own way, and will capture it accordingly. The same holds true for us as an individual photographer/artist. We will work hard to capture the... Continue Reading →

Depth of Field….Taking Control

Non photographers, and new photographers just beginning their journey to photography fortune and fame, will often hear us talk about depth of field. Of course we're not talking about the size of your backyard. Simply stated, depth of field refers to just how much we choose to have in focus or out of focus in... Continue Reading →

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